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1977 BMW R100S

Updated: May 15, 2019

This project started with a 1977 BMW R100S that needed help. It ran great but was cosmetically challenged.

Nice BMW R100S but cosmetically challenged.

It is not normal to make a seat dictate the color of a bike but...a very nice customer brought us this NOS RS seat. He had it painted in BMW Alpine white over thirty years ago but never installed it and it was beautiful. On top of this, the stock seat on the bike was rusted up. So...Alpine white it is.

We also are going to match the BMW blue pinstripe. The hashtag for this project is #overrestoredR100S as it is going to be over the top restored.

We disassembled the engine completely and had every little part it vapor blasted to create the nicest looking airhead...ever?

Kinda sad to even use it, eh?

We had a pro pinstriper help us match the BMW blue seat stripe. This will now be buried in clear. A snazzy polished Monza style gas cap is planned.

BMW R100S transmission case. Maybe I should just use it as a flower vase??

Ye ugly olde Bing carburator. As found on bike...

Bing carburator for BMW R100S

Ye olde Bing carburetor after Motoconnections treatment.

Got the tank clear coated and added a snazzy Monza style fuel cap.

Front fender and side covers got matching pin striping.

Yup, that's a "before" picture

An hour later after filing off the casting ridge and then endless buffing.

Shiny stuff add at least 10% to top speed though!

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