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Marco's 1976 GL1000

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

There are some bikes that passes you by...until you notice them. There are plenty of cool seventies muscle bikes out there like the CB750 etc. After the early style naked Goldwing was discussed in the shop, Marco came back with this one.

1976 Honda GL1000

The initial plan was for removal of the Windjammer, replace that two-story seat and carb work.

The end goal: A clean stock super bike (factory photo)

Ya sure, that looks like a carb overhaul!! The plan is still to ride this thing this summer. Stay tuned.

Marco polished the original paint and it looks stunning. Now he has to polish the carb inlets. One thing leads to another...

Brakes are important. These are the front calipers being gone though.

Marco spent a lot of time detailing the engine. Look great!

New shocks adds good looks and a great ride.

The tank was a bit rusty so it was sent out for chemical dipping to remove any rust inside. It will be powder coated once it comes back.

Back from dipping and zero rust left. Now off to powder coating.


All put together and almost ready to fire...

I actually think the Borrani wheels really make the bike - honestly, pictures don't do justice. This bike looks stunning in person. Very proportional and really planted. I am quite happy with the results...

And... the final product you say? Here are a couple of pics. I was going to say many more things about the build, my impressions, thoughts, etc. Screw that, I am going riding.

Very tight yet friendly cockpit...

Cold blooded, but once up to temperature, it runs like a... well, like a very nice 1976 GL1000 should.

I'm in the mood for love...

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