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Rolf's 1977 GL1000

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

This one fell in Rolf's lap and we like it. It is a 1977 Goldwing with 76K miles on the clock. As most of them, it had been sitting so we ordered up a carb kit so we can get it started. If it runs well, we will give it a major tune-up including cam belt, go thru the brakes and tires.

The early GL1000 carburetors have a few parts! They have for example a jet on top of another jet. They even have jets in the fuel line. Call me Jetson!

A parts bike gave it's life to help both of our GL bikes. This bike was missing some chrome but all this came from the parts bike.

The aluminum intake runners were a bit ugly and as we all now, shiny stuff makes your bike go faster.

A few hours later with the buffing wheel and the aluminum is back to it's former glory.

The early Honda GL1000 Goldwing had a lot of shiny stuff. In order to keep track of it all, I started to hang all of it on pegboards. Better than a lousy wall poster anyway. BMW parts for our R100S project on the right side.

I hope you can see that this is the "before" picture...


The GL1000 was ahead of it's time in many ways. The odd shaped black box on the right is a sensor for lights. If a headlight or tail light bulb goes out, the warning light on the dash will alert you. Also, the bike had an audio alert for the blinkers so you don't go down the road with left blinker on like an old man!

One clean thing leads to another clean thing. The speedo cluster could use some detailing and the rubber snubbers were dry. I found a good set on the parts bike.

Me, myself and my friend Mr. Autosol. Worlds best chrome and aluminum my humble opinion.

Man, the GL bikes have a lot of chrome. This bike had a Windjammer fairing so the headlight ears were missing. I found these on that auction site and they look like new. The rear fender have some rust blemishes so as soon as I hear this bike run, I will be on the look out for a better one!

Brakes...gotta have breaks...All brake components were completely disassembled and then blasted using soda. It is a gentle and non toxic media that is great for aluminum.

After blasting, all components goes in to ultrasonic cleaning. We call it the "electric soup". The ultrasonic cleaner can boldly clean where no man gone before.

After that, we will inspect the piston bores and install all new quality brake components.

I spent way too much time cleaning and polishing the rear wheel but hey...looks good.

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