We offer a complete line of services including full or partial restoration of most Japanese, European and American motorcycles.  Feel free to inquire with your specific needs and we will create a quote that works with your needs and budget.  For the more basic needs, our services and prices are outlined below:

Shop Basic Labor Rate 

$115.00 per hour 

Synthetic Oil Change and Filter 

Small/Medium Bike $119.00 
Large bike, up to 4 qts: $149.00 
Conventional Oil Change and Filter 

Small/Medium Bike: $105.00 
Large bike, up to 4 qts: $129.00 

Starting at $50.00 per disc and $85.00 drum plus parts. 

Full brake caliper rebuild service available.

Fork seals most bikes: Starting at $299.00 plus parts 

Fork seals with inner/outer bushings: Starting at $349.00 plus parts 

Fork seals for Upside-down forks: Starting at $389.00 plus parts

Carburetor Service, complete disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, inspection, rebuild and re-assemble.

1 carburetor: starting at $129.00 plus parts 

2 carburetors starting at $229.00 plus parts

3 Carburetors starting at $359.00 plus parts 

4 Carburetors: starting at $449.00 plus parts  

6 Carburetors: starting at $799.00 plus parts


NOTE: Labor to remove & install carburetors: 1 – 4 hrs depending on bike. 


Ignition timing, compression test and carburetor synchronization:  By the hour.  

Current rate: $145.00/ hr 


Tires and Wheels

Tire change on rim: $40.00 ea 

Labor to remove and reinstall wheels: 

Small bike: $99.00 

Medium Bike: $149.00 

Large bike and all cruisers: $249.00 

Plus tubes, valves and supplies as needed.